• Brown elastic no tie locking shoelaces

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      Elastic Shoelace & Lock System

      Package includes: 2 BLACK lock sets, 2 WHITE locks sets, 2 elastic shoelaces

      Sale prices work for lace totals of ANY color combinations:
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    Brown elastic no tie locking shoelaces…

    • Each pair of these elastic no tie locking shoelaces includes one pair of laces and one pair of black button locks with black end pieces

    • No more tying or retying

    • Spring locks keep laces tight

    • Turns every shoe into a comfortable slip-on

    • Great for athletes, sportsmen, seniors, kids and anyone who wants to make their shoes comfortable and easy

    1st Place Laces™ never need tying, so you will never have to mess around with tying and untying your shoes again. And you will love how easy it is to just slide the lock to your desired snugness of fit. The elastic bungee cord material of the laces turns every shoe into a slip on. One size fits all as you simply trim the laces to your desired length and fit. The 42-inch lace length stretches to 68 inches.

    Each package includes two laces, and two locks and two end pieces. Choose your color. Choose your style. Have fun. Show support for your cause, your organization or your team! Or show your friendship and exchange colors with your BFF.


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    Kristen Larsen

    "A special thanks for bringing the 1st Place Laces fundraiser to The Arc. It is such a blessing to have the funds available to help pay for things from staff wages to special projects."

    Kristen Larsen - Executive Director, The Arc of Buffalo County